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Magic Bullet Comic

It’s been over a month since the latest issue of DC Magic Bullet came out so here is my latest comic in it. You can still pick up copies in select locations around the greater DC area. Below is the script.

“As more of my friends get caught and I worry about them…

I’ve begun to question whether these distorted misspelled aliases are worth continuing being a graffiti artist.

I’d like to move from solely doing letters. They feel limiting, but some well known writers’ poking fun at “street artists” has me sticking with it – regardless of losing interest in a limited focus.

I now fixate on the appeal of my body’s movement as I paint large fluid strokes, and sketch my letters with that in mind.

I begin to see painting as a meditative dance.

I wouldn’t tell my friends that of course – they’d probably think I was corny.

I also relish in the experience of the places I visit – knowing that I am one of a handful of people who saw these forgotten urban/rural spaces.

It has become more important than just a creative outlet or a social habit.

It’s exploration … leaving our mark on whatever we discover and taking a photo of our work as a reminder of those moments.”


Screens N Suds

Two screen printed arts prints for Screens N Suds annual fundraising event. This year was for the Virginia MS Society, Gallery5, and Studio Two Three. You can order prints here (all proceeds benefit the non-profits).

flight pub

The Monkey Learns to Weave

Two unlettered pages for an anthology project, Haawiyat,  that provides free comic adaptations of Syrian folk tales to Syrian refugee children. This story is titled “The Monkey Learns to Weave” about a weaver trying to teach a monkey how to weave. Written by A. Dave Lewis. The stories will be in arabic so read right to left. You can donate to the project here and find out more about the organization here.
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The Determined Shirt

My shirt design for The Determined is up with a bunch of other new design shirts. The point of departure was the idea of ants resisting an exterminator as a metaphor for revolution. Pick up a copy here.



Curriculum Lab

I  am one of 20 artists participating in a project by Jonathan Lee where we created 20 new works on discarded library materials to be used in an exhibition benefiting the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance’s ELLA program. My approach (seen above) was to have all 20 pieces interact with each other.  Those who purchase any of my individual pieces, will get a 12X18 print of the full set.

The exhibition runs from  November 1 – 19 at Studio Two Three. The exhibition coincides with workshops and an online store as part of the project. More info can be found here.