I develop clever, effective visuals specific to a client's needs.

Night Away

Film poster design/illustration for a short film to be produced in the near future, Night Away. It’s about a girl who is pushing back on learning Farsi in favor of being seen as “normal” while growing up in the states. Something relatable to many second generation kids like myself. I feel like we all end up embracing that which makes us unique later in life. Screenplay by Shirin Saghaie and Quamé Hamlin.

Hakka invitational poster

For an invite only component to the annual Shenzhen International Poster Exhibition in China. I am one of 100 designers selected.
I read a dissertation on Hakka peoples’ identity to help. This poster highlights how they originally migrated from northern China to the south and how food has been a constant no matter the location or time period. The bowl being divided into multiple styles is about those changes, but all still holding the same food, braised pork in fermented vegetables.


A Tales of Truths

Book Cover design/illustration for A Tale of Truths by Berit Ellingsen . Final product will have pull quotes on the back cover. The story follows an elf and two women who are trying to prove their planet orbits around its star vs the other way around. There is a point in this novella where the elf and his companions are stuck in a time loop. Since elves don’t age the same as humans, I thought this moment would make for a compelling cover. Published by Rosarium Publishing. (ISBN is a place holder)



I was contracted by Karnes Coffey Design to do this 46 icon set for one of their clients. Here’s some of my favorite categories as well as the full set.

icons_outlines_nowhite icons_outlines_nowhite icons_outlines_nowhite

Justice for Ale 2019

These were sent out yesterday and some of the graphics are already up.
They were developed for three different locations benefiting Central Virginia Legal Aid Society and Legal Aid Justice Center. The Arlington event was specifically to benefit their immigrant advocacy program. The point of departure was old video game cabinet art to match the environment of BINGO, a “bar-cade.” Also developed a facebook banner and updated koozies/glass graphics. All the event content was changed for each location. The growler is just a mock-up. The glass style and size might differ. 


Glass Bottle_Mockup_bryanlongoria


A simplified and complex mark for promoting an experimental art venue/bar/restaurant. The client wanted a victorian vibe to the image and provided an Art Nouveau typeface.