I develop clever, effective visuals specific to a client's needs.


A simplified and complex mark for promoting an experimental art venue/bar/restaurant. The client wanted a victorian vibe to the image and provided an Art Nouveau typeface.


Virginia Education Association

I was asked to design a couple pieces in the spirit of my May Day (International Workers Day) poster and bandana for the Virginia Education Association

“VEA is a statewide community of more than 50,000 teachers and school support professionals working for the betterment of public education in the Commonwealth. First organized in 1863, VEA has consistently advocated for quality instruction and curriculum, adequate funding, and excellent working conditions for Virginia public employees.”


Wedding invite

This had a front and back. Pictured is the front with some modified date/location information to prevent wedding crashers. They wanted an invite that looked like a show flyer with their likenesses illustrated as a band since the reception will have live music performed throughout by friends.


Ghost Band poster

In time for October. I was asked to do a poster for the grammy award winning band, Ghost. This is to be printed as a limited edition run for theater staff and the musicians. The band has created a back story of being clergy from a satanic church. The concept rock band doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously as you can see in this statement about their latest album. “… the first positive record ever written about the plague.


International Poster exhibitions

Article on how I’m going to be in two up coming exhibitions this September in China. The China Printing Design Biennale in Beijing and the Shenzhen International Poster Festival. One of which I am part of the invite only exhibition of 100 posters reflecting on Hakka culture. Check it out here.