I develop clever, effective visuals specific to a client's needs.


Commissioned avatar for my Nephew’s gaming exploits as a Christmas gift from my cousin and his father. The main icon is by itself. I also came up with the idea to have multiple facial expression like emoticons. His handle is “Mr.Orangeman1” I liked his previous name “Boiledwater”, but not as easy to illustrate. Heh.

Monument illustration

Documented the changes on one of our local monuments. I had no intention to sell it, but folks asked for prints. I didn’t feel comfortable with keeping the money, so I asked around until I came to the Richmond Transparency and Accountability Project. We were able to raise over $3500 for them.


Made this poster for a Neil DeGrasse Tyson lecture in Richmond. The other is a fan art poster for A Girl Walks Alone Home At Night.

Inktober 2019

I collected all my inktober drawings onto a single poster. This year I challenged myself to illustrate them all using a button as a template. All were originally pen & ink.