OUTDOOR|INDOOR is a parallel narrative that I, Bizhan Khodabandeh, worked on over the course of a few years during my free time as an High School Art Teacher. It’s pretty old and I’ve gotten a lot better as an artist, but here it is, available in it’s intended format, an infinite canvas.

The theme developed for this project is free, which means that there also is no tech support or responsibility on us for any problems that occur. Use this at your own risk. This also means you can feel free to “break” or modify your own copy, but make sure you keep spare copies in case something major goes wrong. Also please credit those involved in the development.

You can download the unfinished beta version here.

Mark Luetke spent a lot of hours working on the code beyond what he needed and can no longer contribute, but I want to see the project continue to progress further. So if anyone wants to submit edits to the theme, please feel free to send alternate versions to me at bizhan(at)mendedarrow.com. I can make them available on this page. We originally planned on a version that includes a vertical option, better comment styling, bookmark, mobile device compatibility, better navigation options, and archives. Time isn’t on our side. We are both very busy.

To install WordPress and this theme, please look at WordPress’ website. Learn how to install WordPress here. Learn about and how to install a theme here.

In order for the images to display correctly, you must set your images as “the featured image.” It wont work if you embed the image in your post. You must also specify a post category for your comic in each post.

The theme options currently include a few fun elements. You will find the theme options under “Appearance -> Theme Options” in WordPress Dashboard.

COMMENT CATEGORY – allows you to specify the category tag of your comic. This lets WordPress know that any post with this category is a part of the comic. Find out more about categories in WordPress here.

LOADING COLOR – changes the loading image’s color.

LOOP ON  – means that once a user reads the comic if shoots back to the first comic post. Selecting the page to loop means that you can skip the title or cover posts when the comic loops.

PADDING – affects the spacing between posts.

WEB DEVELOPMENT for this unfinished beta version was done by Mark Luetke.

CONCEPT, ART & DESIGN for the project was started by Bizhan Khodabandeh.