Below is a continuing list of clients

804 Noise Collective
ARGS Governor’s School
Art Whino
Best Friends Day
Brainworms (band)
Bunnyhop Bike Shop
Catalyst: Ideas to share
The Catalyst (band)
Caustic Castle (band)
Coliseum Deli & Market
Coopwood Enterprises Inc.
Critical Mass (RVA)
Culture Works, Richmond
Dream Publish RVA
Ethos Cafe
Food Not Bombs (RVA)

Forcefield Records
Hail Hydra (band)
Harm Stryker (band)
Helium Studios
Lamp Post Art Collective
The Landmark Foundation
The LANDMINES (band)
LiP Magazine
Loose Screw Tattoo
Lucky Bird Tattoo
Marfa Lights (band)
Paper and Plastic Records
Poets Against the War
The Rachel Nevadas (band)
Richmond Re-Cycles

A Roman Holiday (band)
Richmond GMB of the IWW
Rorschach Records
RVA Magazine
Sweet Fix
Tiger Bomb (band)
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie (band)
Triple Twins (band)
The Setup (band)
Urban Light Works
Vacant Spaces = Artful Places
VCU School of Arts
VCU School Dept of Comm. Arts
VCU School of Business
VCU Dept. of African American Studies
VA Sexual & Domestic Action Alliance